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Cameron Robson is from Denholm in the Borders and comes from a very artistic as well as musical family. He began playing music at the age of three on the piano and gradually worked himself up through the harmonica, tin whistle and trumpet before coming upon the guitar and bouzouki (in that order).

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Cammy entered into the Scottish folk music scene playing the banjo and octave mandolin in 1993 when he, his father and fiddler Wattie Robson and Singer/Guitarist Iain Chisholm formed the band Oran Mor. In this incarnation they toured much of Scotland’s west coast, the Highlands and Inner Hebrides. He as also has toured quite successfully as a guitarist in several rock bands and much of his style and drive were learned from playing around in Blues and Jazz sessions.

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The unique balance of sensitivity and impulse in both Cam’s guitar and bouzouki playing has put him in much demand amongst traditional music players. In recent years he has played with Scottish power-folk group Deaf Shepherd, the Simon MacKerrel Band, with fiddler and singer Tim O’Leary and with the Gloustershire based Celtish. In 2006, with Gavin Marwick and Ruth Morris he co-founded the critically acclaimed Bellevue Rendezvous trio and since the summer of 2007 has been no less than one half of the ASBO Duo with Dan Houghton.

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