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Dan Houghton grew up surrounded by Scottish traditional music and started his musical career playing the whistles and viola when he was about seven. He has been fingering the pipes and flute for the last seventeen or so years and has played and taught in Europe, the New World and the Antipodes.

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Whilst in New Zealand Dan played pipes, bouzouki and banjo and sang in the Irish band Blackthorn. More recently he has been half of several musical duos in the Europe area including the Brussels based Musion with Chris Wright, the ASBO Duo with Cam Robson in Edinburgh and The Boussens Which Project with Franck Delieuvin in Toulouse. He also occasionally plays with the Edinburgh based, Salsa Celtica, and the Puy Laurence based, Gartloney Rats.

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Besides playing for concerts Dan has been quite a successful dance piper and has performed for both Scottish Highland and Country dancing. Together with Jon Bews and pianist James Gray he has played for country dances and ceilidhs throughout Scotland and Europe either under the name Rantin’, Rovin’, Reelin’ or Captain Horne & His Hardened Seamen depending on how appropriate it is to the occasion. In the US Dan fequently plays for Scottish Country dances, sessions (including in biker bars), weddings, barmitzvas, funerals, stonings, &c with Susie Petrov and Calum Pasqua as A Parcel of Rogues

When not on the road, in the air or under water Dan partitions his time between Scotland and Vermont where he teaches Bagpipes at the Vermont Institute of Celtic Arts and designs websites.

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