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Fire and dangerous gadgets have always been fascinations of ours. Never was this more evident than when we were left alone in the woods of Vermont together for several days. We managed to survive this wild(er)ness experience with no new holes being made in anyone’s body, no trips to A&E and no cars burned or wrapped around any trees.

The old demon conjuring thing, it must be said, is a bit of a trick and should be attempted by naught but the most highly trained and experienced professionals. The inadvertent opening of a portal to the nether regions could potentially unleash spirits of a potency well beyond the control of the average layman... or woman.

Just so that youse don’t get the idea that all we do is creep about in the woods contributing to global warming and poking holes in things, here are some photographs based on more classical themes. To the left, here, is the view from the house wherein we were lodged after the New World festival in north central Vermont. In this picture there are four people. None of them can be seen...

Since time immoral, or at least since the inception of the band back in the late 1900s, food has played a very central role in band politics. Hours are and have oft been spent in the careful preparation, consumption and digestion there of. More recently the acquisition of food, with something other than a bank card and a shopping trolley, has become a part of life on tour.

To our grave disappointment, the might have been national bird of the United States, the wild turkey, can fly, contrary to previously held belief. Therefore, though there are more of them wandering about the wilds of Vermont than one could shake a stick at, shaking swords at them is a relatively ineffective method for hunting these noisy, ugly but very tasty creatures.

Suffice it to say that the turkey hunting venture was not successful. The mouse hunting experience, however, was not so ill fated as its avian counterpart and several nights later we had a brace of seven or eight of them hanging from a small hook by the door to the fridge. Many of those who had not participated in the hunt itself, and who were therefore not as infused with the excitement thereof as those who had, were somewhat less than enthusiastic about the prospect of cleaning and preparing them [the mice]. One does, after all, need a very small set of knives and very nimble fingers if one is going to prepare Cornish Game Mice.



Here above we would like to demonstrate the mood altering effects of the external application of alcohol following the internal applicaton of alcohol. Note how the latter is completely negated by the former. These rather barbaric medical treatments were necessitated by several members of a nocturnal logging team falling/sliding down a gravel slope at 2.30 in the morning.

We do, on occasion, play concerts. One of these is depicted here. This particular one was made manifest in the blink of an afternoon by Joanna Labejsza, Cindy Kilgore & Alan Moore and the people of Rochester, Vermont. We were likewise graced with the presence of the full moon who came out especially for the event. This concert was particularly good for Gavin’s image which can be seen here to the left several times larger than life and leaning against the wall of a lighthouse.

The three scenes lovingly rendered here are from a concert that we gave in Memphis (Tennessee, not Egypt). The King was, sadly, unable to attend as he was occupied by other matter.

Below are several photos taken on our own home soil or stage, more to the point. These are from a concert in the Reid Music Hall in Edinburgh.

Cantrip at the Reid Hall, Edinburgh

2007 saw us back at the New World festival with Calum Pasqua quite ably filling in for Gav. We played a lovely wee session in this unnamed church in Randolph and only later discovered, by means of the photographic evidence, that the angel in the window behind us was making rude gestures.

See what we mean about the finger?

We would, here like to acknowledge and thank our most gracious hosts who put us up, put up with us and in most cases organised gigs and festivals and the like. There are more of you out there to thank than we have photos of you to show. We’ll get youse next time (Joanna, Cindy, Alan and Anne we’re referring specifically to you)...

Kevin & Marie 


Holly Morison

Sue Mack

Ian Macharg

Robert Campbell

Renate Rosenthal

Bob & Bev Houghton

And now we leave you with a few photos of the relaxing life on tour...

The Lords of the Dance

Songs from the Wood

Troglodytes, Cars and Wine

The House on Bear Hill

“warm about today”... “warm yesterday”... “even warmer today”...

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