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Gavin Marwick, hails from Edinburgh and has been a fiddler on the Scottish folk scene for as long as anyone, including himself, can remember. He too is a Býrach survivor and was a founding member of the landmark Scottish folk band Iron Horse in which he played for the better part of one third of his life. He has toured for musical purposes in more countries and played with more musicians than any of us have bodily appendages upon which to count them all.

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Besides being one of Scotland’s foremost traditional musicians Gavin is also a prolific composer and many of his compositions have already found their way into the traditional repertoire. As such he has also recently scored a few numbers in several theatrical productions. Works in Edinburgh’s prestigious Traverse Theatre being amongst these with the production Outlying Islands winning a Fringe First award in 2005.

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Gav has been a Ceilidh band player for most of his born days and during the last several of the Earth's revolutions about the sun Master Marwick has applied his art with numerous such corporations including the Ceilidh Minogue band with Bob Turner, of Glasgow and the Round House Ceilidh Band with several of the other brothers Marwick. In 2006 he, Ruth Morris and Cameron Robson co-created the Bellevue Rendezvous trio whose début album has enjoyed critical acclaim.

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