Jon Bews

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Represents Jon at the Reid Hall

Jon Bews is an Edinburgh born violinist of the highest pedigree, former civil servant and a full time musician. He began playing the violin at the age of four and undertook many years of classical training at the RSAMD in Glasgow before he discovered the joys of playing Scottish traditional music.

Represents Jon in session

In years past Jon toured with rockers Gallus and rock-folkers Býrach. He has recorded extensively with Basque singer Mikel Urdangarin and currently spends some of his time fiddling with Malinky, the acclaimed vocal-led Scottish band (who are just folkers full stop). He also plays the entire string section for the Edinburgh based James Yorkston Band.

Represents Jon in the Oak

Throughout his years as a musician Jon has earned a reputation for himself as a dance fiddler playing for Scottish Country Dance classes and balls all over Europe. Together with pianist James Gray and Dan Houghton he has played the Scottish Country Dance and Ceilidh scene from Lumembourg to Lennox (and several points between) variously under the names Rantin’, Rovin’, Reelin’ or Captain Horne & His Hardened Seamen depending on the predispositon of the evening’s MC to mortal embarrasment.

When not touring, teaching or driving to or from Edinburgh Jon is of the habit of disappearing into the Kelso Triangle...

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